Your footprint for Nature

Who and what is ETR.Run?

A group of passionate trail runners, who have become the greatest of friends, decided to arrange a Trail Running event which is popularly known as the Oldenburg Trail Challenge (OTC), hosted by Oldenburg Lodge & Game Park and Justin Vaughan Oelofsen as the race director. In the short space of 2 years, with only 3 events and a total of 180 competitors, OTC has become a huge success and a sought-after Trail Running event in South Africa. From these events the OTC team has raised R20 000 for charity.

The OTC team has thus decided it is time to introduce more of the Eastern Free State’s beautiful, challenging mountains and countryside to you as trail runners and to add more to the Trail Running community. Additionally, we aim to preserve each trail and assist in the conservation of the spectacular Eastern Free State. Lastly, we want to pay it forward to the local community, who are in turn very supportive to our idea of expansion, and through this wonderful opportunity bring more visitors to their towns.

Thus given the roots of OTC, the interest received at our events, support from local community and the breath-taking surroundings, we have evolved and expanded our vision to bring together a Trail Running community who can experience the privilege of running in this wonderful area.

We proudly bring you ETR.Run (Eastern Free State Trail Running)

ETR.Run believe in the true, essence of Trail running…

• To experiencing nature’s challenges in its purest form

• To grow the passion of being active in nature

• To preserve and conserve each trail.

Your footprint for Nature.

Our slogan conceptualises our vision.

Our Events

We will be hosting a series of events throughout each year at various locations all within the Eastern Free State area. Our events will be orientated around being family-friendly and accommodating all levels of runners from children and novice runners through to the more experienced runners.

Training Runs

We plan to have Training Runs, coordinated by Justin, throughout the year in between our main events to allow all runners to become acquainted with the countryside and the various trails. 

When will the first ETR.Run Event Be Hosted?

Our First Event will be on the 8th of February 2020. Enter Here!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we will be providing more information, videos and training information, leading up to our first event.

More About The Eastern Free State’s Mountains

ETR.Run’s events are held in the foothills of the Maloti Mountains and along the Caledon (Mohokare) valley. There is evidence of early man being in this area 110 000 years ago.  Also known as the conquered territory it has a number of small mountain ranges to explore including Thaba Nchu, Thaba Patchoe, Platberg, Viervoet, Mabulela, Tandjiesberg, Jwala Boholo and further north the Witteberge and Rooiberge.

A Bit of Geology

Geologically the mountains belong to the Stormberg series and Upper Triassic Period of the Karoo system. They are composed of sandstone and shale overlain with basalt.

Enjoy the charming Eastern Free State area, understanding the rich history of the land beneath each of your footprints.

The ETR.Run team look forward to seeing you at our first event!

We proudly bring you ETR.Run
(Eastern Free State Trail Running) ​

08 FEBRUARY 2020


08 FEBRUARY 2020

6 JUNE 2020



6 JUNE 2020

11 JULY 2020


1km – R60

5km: R100

10km: R170

21km: R270 (18+ only)

11 JULY 2020

28, 29 AND 30 AUGUST 2020



28, 29 AND 30 AUGUST 2020