Barletta Trail Challenge 21km Route Info

Barletta Trail Challenge: 21km Route Info

The route starts out with an easy warm up of 1.3km before the runners encounter the first climb of the day. This climb is short but very steep and once at the top, the views are worth it!

A technical ridge line will then lead the runners down to a section of single track which exits onto the dam wall before entering the first aid station and checkpoint 1 at approximately 4.5km

IMPORTANT: make sure you hydrate properly here and fill those bottles and hydration packs. The next part of the route will be testing!

After the Aid station, the runners will traverse across a section of rock shelf for 2km before descending into the Sherwood Valley.

Once again, the wild kudu paths will provide the trail leading back up through the valley, this climb will lead the runners to the top of Mequatling with another free-flowing section of trail to follow. The Views are definitely worth a picture or two!

The next aid station at the 16km mark can be seen down in the valley and the steep descent that follows will test tired legs! After the aid station, check point 2, the route ascends back out of the valley as the trail connects with the last 4km of the route.

Make sure to follow the markers as a descent off the rock face is technical and will be followed by a short section of single track before the last climb of the day awaits you at the 19km mark! 

The final climb is testing but very rewarding as once the runners hit the top at checkpoint 3, a fast descent down an incredible section of single track flows all the way to the finish line!



Elevation gain: +/- 940m

Checkpoints: 3

1 self help aid station

Ascent: 940m – Descent: 826m

2 aid stations